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50 Free Presets for Lightroom DNG | Mobile & PC | Premium Professional Filters

Also check out how to install and use presets on Lightroom Mobile Links to download free presets are below, after the video. ⬇⬇⬇ ✅ Want to know how to install multiple Presets at once using LRTEMPLATE files? I'll teach you more below. If you are already used to working with Adobe Lightroom, you are well aware that there are packages with Lightroom presets of all prices, ranging from R $ 30.00 to R $ 1,000.00, or perhaps more. Many photography lovers cannot afford to make such an investment.

Fortunately, there are many sites that offer these presets free of charge, offering material that is also of high quality, accessible to all audiences who consume photography. Here on the site, I will make available to you a package with more than 50 Professional and Free Presets for you to use at will, edit your photos on your phone or PC and make them even more amazing. That's it! Presets with quality in the range. I only ask you to share this post / video with other people who also enjoy photography. I will make available a video tutorial teaching how to install presets on Lightroom in the mobile version, for Android and iOS phones. Check it out below:

Link to download the presets in the mobile version:


Link to download the presets in the PC version:


If you don't already have the Lightroom Mobile app on your phone, I will leave the links below for download. Link to download the Lightroom Android app:


Link to download the Lightroom iOS app:


Here is a brief summary of how to install presets on Lightroom on your phone: 1 - Click on the download link. The presets will appear in Google Drive. 2 - Select all presets (or just one) and click Download. 3 - After downloading them, they will be stored in the Download folder of your cell phone. 4 - Open the Downloads folder on your phone and to go faster, click on the sharing option and select all presets 5 - "Share" with the Lightroom app 6 - Open Lightroom and select the preset you want to install 7 - Now just CREATE PRESET 8 - Choose a name for the preset 9 - And ready, use it freely =)

✅ How to install multiple Presets at once using LRTEMPLATE files?

Check out the video below how to do it:


So it is! PRESETS are the key to professional photo editing and really stand out in the eyes of the audience. With just a few "clicks" your photos will have another finish. But every time you download a preset, be aware that you may need to adjust it to your photo's needs - and that includes exposure, color temperature, and in some cases even lens calibration. This is normal, and this observation is for ALL presets, whether paid or free, created by a professional or an amateur, or created by the best photographer in the galaxy. No preset in the world is perfect and will fit all photos. Sometimes it will be necessary to make some adjustments, as I explained above. The important thing is to look for an adjustment that matches your style of photography, because more important than the preset is the identity of your photos. I hope I have helped in some way.