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71 Free Premium Presets for Lightroom | PC and Mobile Compatible Filters | XMP format

Presets in XMP format, so you can install them all at once, quickly.

Link to download the presets is below. 👇👇

In this post, 71 Presets available in XMP format. Unlike the DNG format, it is possible to install all presets in LRTEMPLATE and XMP formats very quickly, all at once, without having to install them one by one.

Watch the video below for more detailed information about this filter pack.

I also teach how to install filters on Lightroom, PC and Mobile versions.

To download the 71 PRESETS for free and use it on Lightroom, Mobile and Computer version, in XMP format, click the button below.

Or click here.

So it is! PRESETS are the key to professional photo editing and really stand out in the eyes of the audience. With just a few "clicks" your photos will have another finish.

But every time you download a preset, be aware that you may need to adjust it to your photo's needs - and that includes exposure, color temperature, and in some cases even lens calibration.

This is normal, and this observation is for ALL presets, whether paid or free, created by a professional or an amateur, or created by the best photographer in the galaxy. No preset in the world is perfect and will fit all photos. Sometimes it will be necessary to make some adjustments, as I explained above. I hope I have helped in some way. If you liked the Presets, leave the like and a comment on this video. And of course, share it with a friend!